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December 5th, 2012

PS3:『E3 Flasher ダウングレード可能本体一覧表』『Rogero CEX-4.30 v2.03公開』

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E3 Flasherダウングレード可能本体一覧表です。(2012-12-05更新)
E3 Flasherを取り付ける前、ご参考ください。


後、Rogero CEX-4.30 v2.03に関する情報です。

2012-12-01、Rogero CEX-4.30 v2.03が公開されました。
今回、Downgrader.PUP不要、XMB “Install Package Files”があります。

Rogero CEX-4.30 v2.03特徴(英語原版):
●Rebuilt from scratch using OFW4.30 files only (no DEX/SEX files) with official XMB and full features working as in OFW4.30
●All known problems like XMB icons sorting and Demo Mode issues from previous versions are now gone with the use of the official XMB.
●New Improved “Install Package Files” Application added to XMB instead of using the traditional DEX Icon, to have a 100% original XMB.
●Once the PS3 is booted, select the [app_home/PS3_GAME] Icon and It will change automatically to [* Install Package Files]
●If you load a Game from multiMAN it will still be redirected and shown under the same [app_home/PS3_GAME] Icon
●After loading a Game, you can restart the PS3 again to have [* Install Package Files] back on XMB
●You can also Install the new stand-alone XMB application from Deank –> [* Install Package Files] to have it showing permanently on XMB.
– [* Install Package Files] function supports:
— up to 256 pkg files
— split pkg files
— sorting
— queued PKG indication (in red)
— multipart (split) PKG indication (in yellow)
— copy/transfer progress
— Scanned locations: /dev_usb*** /dev_hdd0 /dev_bdvd in /PKG /packages and root folders
— Split files format: .0 – .63 / .66600 – .66663 / .001 – .064
●CFW Structure fixed to match the OFW 4.xx Structure:
— No more corrupted data error messages while Installing from XMB or Recovery Menu.
— The CFW can be installed fine from XMB Update over any OFW3.55/CFW3.55/CFW4.21/CFW4.30.
— HDD can be swapped/changed and the CFW4.30 v2.03 will re-install without any problem.
●Patched LV1 to disable LV2 Protection.
●Patched LV1 to add peek/poke support to replace hvc 182/183 (multiMAN Direct Disc Access is now working fine with CFW4.30 v2.03)
●Patched LV1 to disable SYSTEM MANAGER INTEGRITY CHECK (to prevent Bricking on non-dehashed downgraded consoles)
●Patched LV1 Core OS Hash Check (to prevent Bricking on non-dehashed downgraded consoles)
●The CFW can be used directly for Downgrading with Hardware flashers /Flashing from FSM/Exiting from FSM, all works fine.
●The CFW have both noBD/noBT patches to allow installation on consoles with broken BluRay Drive or Bluetooth board.
●Patched LV2 to add peek/poke support. (for both LV1 and LV2)
●Patched VSH to enable ReActPSN compatibility (Allow Unsigned act.dat and *.rif files, Disable Unlinking/Deleting of act.dat)
●Spoofed the system version to latest OFW version 4.31.
●PSN/SEN access is available as long as the current “passphrase” still the same.
●Loading games from App_home Icon is now fixed.
●It can run games signed with Keys up to version 4.30 without any Eboot/Sprx patching needed
●Games can be loaded from Disc Icon (with Original game in BD) and from app_home (Disc-less, but not all games).
●Current 3.55 homebrew applications can’t be loaded on this CFW, applications must be re-signed properly for FW4.21/4.30

MD5: 5f7434a46f7909689b00558a06071689
Size: 192 MB (201,591,424 bytes)

Rogero_CEX4.30_V2.03 All-in-one Package
– Condor Updater 3.1
– DeanK installPKG
– Rebug ToggleQA
– Rogero 3.55 v3.7 PUP
– Rogero 4.25-to-3.55 Downgrader PUP
– Rogero 4.30 v2.03 PUP

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